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The sub-tabs in this section of the site includes various resources, most of which are related to leadership development.

On the Website sub-tab you will find a lengthy list of internet sites that I have found helpful.

I recently completed a Doctor of Ministry degree from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. You will find my project, which dealt with the importance of informal and non-formal relationships in church leadership development, on the DMinProject sub-tab.

Developing leaders for the church is a challenging task. The Framework sub-tab suggests a framework in which to consider the issues involved. The Concepts sub-tab discusses a number of concepts related to leadership and its development. As noted on the Relationships sub-tab, relationships have played a crucial role in leadership development, both in the Early Church and down through church history. The current dependence on formal education in the West may have eclipsed its importance, but the growing disenchantment by many with the results of formal education have revived interest in the importance of relationships. The Questions sub-tab outlines a set of questions that should be thoughtfully answered by those involved in the training of church leaders.