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Today Zambia officially has 72 ethnic kin groups, as recognized by the government. Several of these speak the same language. According to Wycliffe, Zambians speak 38 distinct Bantu languages, not including dialects (see www.ethnologue.com).

Wycliffe's 38 Zambian Bantu Languages

Aushi                    Mbukushu

Bemba                  Mbunda

Bwile                    Nkoya

Chokwe                Nsenga

Ila                         Nyamwanga

Kaonde                Nyanja

Khwe                    Nyiha

Kunda                  Sala

Lala-Bisa             Settla

Lamba                 Shona

Lenje                   Simaa

Lozi                     Soli

Luchazi               Subiya

Lunda                 Taabwa

Luvale                 Tonga

Luyana                Totela

Mambwe-Lungu  Tumbuka

Mashi                   Yao

Mbowe                 Yauma

In addition, there are numerous speakers of Afrikaans, Gujarati, Fanagalo, and English. The official languages of the nation are English and six Bantu languages. English is the language of education, government, and commerce. The six Bantu languages are used for various official purposes, such as radio and television broadcasts. These six are: Bemba, Kaonde, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale, Nyanja, and Tonga.

Information on some of these peoples will be placed here later. For now, you might want to see John's doctoral project on the “Resources” tab. It contains information on leadership development among the Goba, Bemba, Ngoni, and Luapula peoples.

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