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Well over 700 church leaders have receiving training at over 20 centers scattered across Zambia. Most of these are run by local district church leaders as they seek to train those who are caring for the churches in the area. We (John and Dawn) are directly responsible for one of these centers that operates in the Lusaka area. In addition, we have been involved in a number of others, sometimes as teachers and sometimes as advisors to those responsible for that center.

On this web page you can meet a few of those leaders who have received training through a CLTI Local Training Center. Check back on this page from time to time as we intend to rotate who we are highlighting.


Claude Hamayanda

Claude Hamayanda serves as an elder in the Kamanga Assemblies of God church. Among other duties, he teaches the adults on Sundays in his church. At the present he works for the Meteorology Department in Zambia, but he plans on planting a church one day soon. To prepare himself for that, he has been taking classes at the advanced center in Lusaka for a number of years. The pictures show Claude with his wife, Claude in class, and Claude teaching Sunday School.


Leonard Lubula

Leonard pastors a church in the southern part of Lusaka, the capital city. He and his wife have been there for several years. This is a new, growing area of the city. The church has a piece of land but they meet on it under a tent for now. Leonard has been taking the advanced classes we are offering at the center in Chelstone, Lusaka. We had the privilege to visit him and his church in February 2008 when these pictures were taken. Pictures show Leonard receiving a certificate in 2008, Leonard with his wife, and the congregation in front of the tent.